Scarlet Woods was the Event Icon for both Bush Gardens Tampa and Europe in 2015 for their Unearthed Howl-o-Scream.

Storyline Edit

Scarlett Woods was a homemaker and healer in the 1800′s who lived in the outskirts of a small town. When the wife of a village elder got sick, they brought her to Scarlett and her husband for healing, but the poor woman died in their care, and so, the townspeople blamed Scarlett and her husband for her death. The angry town folk kidnapped her husband, and cut out his eyes for fear of him giving them the “the evil eye” and cursing them all, to get revenge on Scarlett’s doings.

This attracted her revenge for her husband's death, and Scarlett turned to using dark magic, killing off the townspeople one by one until they all disappeared. She used “casting cards” in which she can summon past evils to do her bidding. With another town close, hearing the news, they boarded up her house and buried it, with Scarlett still inside, to prevent her evil from spreading.  200 years after the incident, the buried home is discovered by a construction crew, and AURA - the American Underground Research and Archaeology - is brought in to investigate. A crew member went down to check to see if anything important was inside the house, only to wake Scarlett up from her slumber, and have her unleash her fury once again. Now with her home open for the world to find once again, and Scarlett being awaken after so many years, Scarlett had a mission and one mission only: to collect enough body parts to reincarnate her dead husband.

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